About us

This is high end proprietary technology the only technology of its kind in the world. Our technology can drive massive amounts of better than tier one traffic and can tap into well over 700 hundred million real-time contacts in different media platforms throughout the internet and beyond. Our AI will start nurturing and having a real time engagement and will determine if this is a suspect or prospect.

As AI continues to learn AI is always learning and gathering useful data and retrieves this intel and will start learning the person’s psychological buying triggers and habits which eventually produces and generates high end quality leads at a fraction of the cost. These prospects are now being in engaged in real time with the AI. What’s interesting is the prospect does not even know this is happening because the AI is so smart. They actually think they are engaging with you.

They actually think they are engaging with a human. However you have important work that needs to be done and you only want to talk with qualified leads. So the AI continues to nurture and qualify and engage the prospect. Yes the AI has been communicating and retrieving important information about your prospects and there interests and is also learning the buying triggers and the spending habits of the prospect the prospect have been nurtured into a qualified lead. This lead may be more interested and is now qualified and wants more information about you. Your opportunity, your product, your service or your company. The rule is, people do business with people who they know, like and trust.

BTC PREMIUM SELLERS Specializing in Block Chain Technology since 2011 & dedicated to expert service to our affluent Buyers, Corporations & Financial Institutions. We know what’s important. We are experts at what we do, and we guarantee no one does it better than us.

  • We Sell Direct from our own mining operations virgin BTC. We are World Class Premium Sellers. We only sell large volumes of BITCOIN, we do ledger to ledger, bank to bank transactions (No formal complicated Escrow).
  • We only use paymaster accounts with a well season Attorney who oversee the contract and our JP Morgan (IOTA – COTALF) trust accounts. These accounts are registered and under the protocol of Home Land Security and ready to receive hundreds of millions and billions of US dollars.
  • The process works as follows:

We issue the contract and apply the agreed upon discount. An invoice is sent to our Buyer for the amount of BTC designated in the contract and agreed discount applied.
Buyer sends or wire transfer funds to Paymaster trust account.
“When funds have been received and secured and out of pending”.
Seller is then notified by the Paymaster.
Then bitcoins are move from the mining cold wallets into hot wallets (block chain public wallets) and we are ready to transact Immediately.
Paymaster Attorney will release funds to Sellers mining account: at the same time as funds are sent to mining operation, BTC is delivered to Buyer’s Wallet BITCOIN is transferred to Client designated wallet from blockchain or a fresh new wallet is given with all necessary keys and ownership transferred.
Seller Paymaster sends Brokers and facilitators agreed BTC distribution per IMFPA. H) The process is then repeated per Tranche.

We can Start you out with a minimum of 1,000 bitcoins, so you feel comfortable and feel and see the process. Then, as you see how streamlined our process is, you can start to scale up to 5K to 10K BTC daily starting on the 2nd Tranche.

Why is important to scale gradually? So the banks will not look at this as structuring. A good sweet spot is between 47 million to 50 million and can gradually scale up to where our buyers is comfortable. Then, the following week, you can start scaling up, when you feel comfortable. We find this is a good way we can keep the bank and everyone comfortable. This allows the institutions, the buyer’s team and the mining operation getting the banks used to seeing that kind of volume being transacted. We found these processes is on everyone’s best interest to gradually scale up to your desired volume.

We encourage you to take advantage of the temporary BTC low price. Remember, there is a limited supply, and large crypto wallets with BTC running out. On the other hand, there is hundreds of buyers wanting to buy and very few real-world class sellers with large bitcoin wallets available today.